About me

Since learning to cook quiches and lasagne in industrial quantities in my aunt’s restaurant at the age of 14, I’ve always loved making food from scratch. I never use ready-made anything if I can help it and am a real believer in fast food being home made. What could be quicker than knocking up an omelette with couscous and peas? I can do it in under 10 minutes, which beats heating an oven to shove in a shop-bought pizza, as well as being a fraction of the price.

I live in Somerset with my three hungry children (including two teenagers). Attempting to create varied low-cost dishes from scratch, using seasonal ingredients, can be tricky on a daily basis but immensely fulfilling if a meal gets an all-round thumbs-up.

Cooking for kids and with kids is a fun challenge (always a challenge and mostly fun)! Some children obviously require more forethought in planning meals than others but it’s very rewarding to cook for someone small who thinks they don’t like something but are willing to try – and get persuaded they like it after all.

Cooking for a crowd is also rewarding, whether it’s a barbecue, curry night or a birthday bash. If you’re really pushed for time, cook some dishes in advance and freeze them or ask friends and family to contribute. The most important thing for me is making sure these gatherings happen and not to feel overwhelmed with feeding the masses.

This blog has recipes for all occasions, from the everyday essentials to celebratory meals with friends or family, whether you’re a kitchen novice or a more experienced experimenter. I’d love to hear your feedback about these recipes and your own top tips for the perfect tortilla or any other of your favourite cooking-from-scratch recipes.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Love yout approach to food – i too learned to cook in army sized quantities and I find it’s a hard habit to get out of! Would much rather knock up a tortilla than buy something ready made.


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